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Red Cross Connecting

TV special

Red Cross Connecting 

Did you miss Red Cross Connecting on Saturday 24 April?

Not to worry – you can still tune in and donate.

Watch Red Cross Connecting on 9Now to see the positive change your donation can make.  

Hosted by Today show presenters Brooke Boney and Alex Cullen, over two inspiring hours you will get to see the best of Australia on display - people who help each other out when things get tough.  

Nine presenter Karl Stefanovic meets case worker Carol and ex-inmate Chris to hear how they got Chris’ life back on track after he was released from prison.

Comedian Ross Noble will share his experience of losing everything in the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria.   

South Sydney Rabbitohs winger Josh Mansour will share his passion for rugby to help recently-arrived students feel welcome in Australia.

 You’ll also get to see Nine presenter Richard Wilkins have a go at knitting trauma teddies with our volunteers.  

Meet the siblings who fled Congo and now call Albury, NSW home as they continue to search for their parents. 

See Brooke Boney drop in for a visit with Aboriginal Elder Aunty Carol to have a yarn and a laugh, and witness the recovery of a family on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island one year on from the bushfires.  

Be part of this uplifting event that celebrates people who act for humanity.

It’s guaranteed to make you feel good and help you do good.

$63 can help a family seeking asylum in Australia with a new baby essentials kit, containing nappies, bottles and onesies.

$107 can help support young people who have been involved with the youth justice system to gain employment.

$210 can help a Red Cross team to set up an evacuation centre to help people during emergencies.

Australian Red Cross Connecting

Red Cross Calling is a national fundraising drive that happens each year. Your support helps Red Cross be there for people and communities experiencing hardship in Australia and overseas.


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About Red Cross Connecting

For 107 years Red Cross has worked to help people going through tough times. We can do that because, for the last 73 years, we have called on the community to support our annual fundraising campaign, Red Cross Calling.  

Each year in March, our incredible members, volunteers and humanitarians have taken up the call, knocking on doors and shaking tins all across Australia, to help others.  

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for people to knock on doors, so we partnered with Channel 9 for a special Red Cross Connecting tele-appeal on Saturday 24 April 2021, to help us reach out and connect with Australians. It’s still available to watch on 9Now. Click here

The health and safety of our volunteers, members and supporters is our main priority. For the past 73 years they have gone doorknocking in their communities to fundraise for Red Cross. Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, we can’t guarantee that doorknocking or large-scale public collections will be safe to carry out in March.

Our supporters’ commitment to helping others is absolutely invaluable, so we are making it easier for people to donate online or over the phone while prioritising their safety and wellbeing. 

It was a two hour television special that captured powerful human stories from across the country. Celebrities and sports stars joined our clients and teams to act for humanity. It shows how your donations can help people in our community, and explores the invaluable work done by our incredible volunteers, staff, members and supporters. 


Your donation will help people in so many ways. In Australia we help people and communities going through tough times, including providing support and social connection for people older and living alone, support for refugees and newly-arrived migrants, work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and support for those in the justice system to make a fresh start. Your donation will help us empower people to reach their goals and get through tough times. Thank you for making a difference


We are partnering with Channel 9 to host the 2021 Red Cross Connecting event to help raise much needed donations to support our everyday work.

You can always watch the TV event for 30 days after April 24th on 9Now, Channel 9’s catch-up TV platform.

You don’t have to wait to make a difference. You can donate to the Red Cross anytime. Donate today to help empower people to reach their goals and get through tough times.